Demio Webinar Software Review

Looking for the ultimate Demio Webinar software review? If so, you are at the right place. We were lucky to be invited by Wyatt Jozwowski to test out Demio while it was still in beta mode. Now that it has been released to the public, we felt it would be good to provide a comprehensive review so that you can know what to expect of the software. With that said, let’s get started with the Demio software review.

Demio Software Review

First, let’s start with an overview of Demio webinar platform.

Product: Demio
Creator: Wyatt Jozwowski and Simon Warner
Launch Date: 9th Nov, 2016
Price: $TBD per month / $TBD per year / $TBD lifetime
Recommendation: Great for anyone looking to do hold webinars
Official Website: Demio


What is Demio?

Chances are that you have been on a webinar before. The webinar may have been hosted on Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting or another platform. To hold a webinar, there has to be the supporting infrastructure behind it. One of the new platforms which we recommend for holding webinars is Demio.

Demio is an easy-to-use software that comes with a host of features. The software has a great interface and will give you and your audience a memorable webinar. If you have tried other webinar platforms in the past, you probably know how confusing they can be to get started with. Demio makes it easy for anyone to host a webinar even if they do not have advanced tech skills.

Demio is powered by Citrix, one of the leading providers of webinar technology solutions in the market.

demio webinar software review

Demio Webinar Software Features

If you have used GoToMeeting in the past, you are aware that its webinar quality suffers when there are many attendees. Demio has been specifically developed to ensure integrity and quality of the webinar experience is maintained no matter how many people are on a webinar.

Demio makes it easy for anyone to hold an online event. You do not need any advanced technical knowledge or expertise to get started with it.

User Friendly

One of the features that makes Demio stand out from other webinar platforms is that it’s user friendly. To start a webinar, you simply need to sign up at the official website, create an account and start streaming your webinar. You can invite anyone to watch your webinar, even if they have not registered for it. Demio is a cloud application and hence you do not need to download anything to your PC to use it.

Custom Invites

Demio makes it easy for you to invite attendees to your webinar. You can design and send customized invitations to hundreds of people in one go. You can further customize your invitations to include the date and time of the webinar. If you wish, you can also add the phone number that users may need to listen in when you are live.

The webinar platform has dozens of templates that enable you to quickly create professional invitations. These invitations will make it easy for prospects to keep tabs of when the event will be held.

Interact With Your Audience

Another feature we must mention in this Demio software review is the ability to share applications like PowerPoint, videos, Word or even your screen with the audience. This helps to improve interactivity with your audience. For example, you can use highlighters, arrow tools, pointers and other handy tools to draw the attention of your audience to specific areas of your slide or screen.

Share Videos and Images

You can share video and images using Demio webinar software. Using these two types of content can make your webinar attendees more engaged. For example, attendees can ask questions by virtually raising their hands. As the webinar organizer, you can select specific attendees to engage with.

There are also other engagement tools like the poling tool which allows you to hold a poll and get real-time feedback from the people attending the webinar

Check more Demio webinar features here.


Demio Webinar Review: How Much Does the Software Cost?

Like other webinar platforms, Demio is available on three different packages. These are:

  • $99 for 100 attendees
  • $399 for 500 attendees
  • $499 for 1000 attendees.

If you opt to pay for an annual subscription, you will be eligible for a 20% discount. You can also pay for multi-user accounts. Make sure you purchase the site at the Demio software official website.


Demio webinar software is available for one-month risk free trial period. We encourage you to check out Demio as it is going to be a game changer in the webinar space. You can try it for 30 days and if not impressed, simply ask for your money back.

Interested in trying Demio software? Go to the official website.

More Information at Demio Official Website